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A protein-rich recipe of fresh beef and pure egg white powder, simmered with pumpkin, rice, and green beans. All garnished with salmon oil probiotics, minerals and vitamins.

Why pure egg white powder? It’s the best (and the most expensive  😊) proteine source available, a natural way to supply all the essential amino acids required by the dog, just with low processed feed.

  • Nutritional balanced food for total or partial replacement of any diet;
  • Human grade ingredients;
  • Suitable for daily consumption;
  • Package with 3 pouches of 200g each;
  • For adult dogs;
  • It does not contain transgenic ingredients, artificial colourings and preservatives;
  • Developed by veterinary nutritionists;
  • Highly palatable;
  • With vitamins and minerals;
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All our Meal recipes is for total or partial replacement of any commercial diet (kibble, canned food, wet food, barf, etc). Made with totally natural ingredients, balanced and ideal for daily consumption. All our Meals contains no transgenic ingredients, artificial colourings or preservatives.
We use only the finest ingredients in a tasty recipe formulated by our team of nutritionists. Your dog’s satisfaction and good health is our goal.
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Nutritional table for 100g as fed basis (ready for consumption)
Energy (kcal)190
Protein (g)7.6
Fats (g)14.2
Calcium (g)0.32
Phosphorus (g)0.22
Fiber (g)0.17
Dog’s weight (kg)Required kcal/dayDaily food quantity (g)
4 kg360190
5 kg421222
6 kg483254
7 kg542285
8 kg599315
9 kg655345
10 kg708373
11 kg761401
12 kg812428
13 kg862454
14 kg912480
15 kg960506
16 kg1.008531
17 kg1.055556
18 kg1.101580
19 kg1.147604
20 kg1.192628
Daily food recommendations may vary according to the dog’s size, level of physical activity and age.

Hundelicious follows the dietary standards established by the Nutritional Guidelines for Complete and Complementary Pet Food for Cats and Dogs (FEDIAF, 2018), as well the Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats (NRC, 2006).

– Lean Beef 28.06%
– Pure egg white powder 5.61%
– Fresh vegetables 37.89%
– Rice 9.82%g
– Fats 12.91%
(in a ready-to-eat basis)

Ingredients: Beef, Pumpkin, Rice,Egg white, Green beans, Vegetable oil, Beer yeast, Mineral mix, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salmon oil.

We are proud that our meals are tested on humans (and are enthusiastically approved by our pets).

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