We Are Hundelicious

In 2019 HUNDELICIOUS was founded by Julia and Sérgio with one simple idea:

all living creatures are unique and deserve the best. With several decades of experience in gastronomy and animal nutrition, they have dedicated their life’s work to understanding the way food can bring comfort, health, and joy.

“We are striving for sharing our knowledge and experience with others so their relationship to real food and healthy holistic pet nutrition can evolve.” (Julia, 2021)

In 2022 Anne-Catherine with Emma and Bettina with Gia joined the Team.

Hundelicious team members

How it all began

It all began in 2018 when Julia met her puppy Olly. She wanted to feed him meals prepared with locally sourced high-quality ingredients and thoughtful nutrition so he could grow up healthy over the years of his life while showing him the kind of love and joy that comes from a delicious homemade meal.

Julia, the chef, and her dad Sérgio, the scientist, developed a balanced diet that fit all of Olly’s individual needs, paying special attention to his lifestyle, activity levels, and any possible health concerns that could affect him later on in life. They created the perfect meal for Olly – real, fresh food.

Made with love and wholly delicious.

Meet The Team

Our mission is to create and foster a community that is taking a mindful approach to how we feed and nourish our pets.


HUNDELICIOUS donates a percentage of the proceeds from the online sales and the shop sales to support the incredibly compelling mission of several non-profit organization.


We care deeply about the environment and truly believe in sustainability. From our ingredient sourcing (local & organic) to our recipes (seasonal) and packaging (recyclable or biodegradable), we work to meet the most ethical and sustainable standards

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